Ulster Gliding Centre,
the only gliding facility in Northern Ireland, operated by The Ulster Gliding Club Ltd.
Number NI 006828. Incorporated in N.I. Registered office at
PFS & Partners Ltd.,
16 Main Street,
Limavady, BT49 0EU.


Trial lessons by Voucher

Take that flying lesson you have always dreamed of. Fly with a qualified instructor in a two-seat dual-control glider. Following a ground briefing and explanation of the controls, the glider will be towed into the air by an aeroplane. At an appropriate height, typically 2,000 feet, the instructor will release the towrope and you will be gliding. The instructor will show you how to operate the controls and then you will get to fly the glider yourself under the watchful eye of the instructor. The instructor will take control for the landing.

Voucher Price - £80. The voucher provides for the first lesson at £35 and the entry fee of £45. During the next three months, further lessons will be charged at £35 for adults or £27.50 for juniors.
Buy direct from us - it is cheaper than buying from Activity companies.
See 'Disability' section for special rates. Disability rate vouchers are not available on-line.

Booking - The date and time of the lesson may be booked at the time of purchase or, if bought as a gift, the recipient may redeem the voucher and make a flight booking at a later date.

First step -
Click the button.
Buy a voucher @ £80.
Make sure that you print and retain the voucher.
The flight date/time may be booked right away or
Booking may be made later.
You have a voucher already -
Make sure that the voucher number is to hand.
Click the button to redeem the voucher.
The flight date/time may be booked.

You want a further lesson -
You have had a trial lesson already.
You want another lesson within three months.
Click the button.
Buy a new voucher.
Select a flight @ £35 (£27.50 for juniors).
The flight date/time may be booked right away or
Booking may be made later.

The small print - Vouchers are valid on Saturdays and Sundays when the weather is suitable for flying. Flight lengths and heights are indicative but may vary due to local conditions.The flight will be conducted in accordance with the The British Gliding Association's Code of Practice for flying training in gliders. If the weather looks doubtful, you are recommended to confirm with the club before journeying to the airfield by calling +44 (0)2877750301 after 0930 on the day.

The sport is suitable for males and females of any age however design of the two-seat gliders allows a maximum weight of 103 kg / 227 lb./ 16 st. 3 lb. per occupant. Young people are welcome and they gain maximum benefit from a lesson if they are of sufficient stature to be able to reach all of the controls. Special clothing is not required. Just bring a warm coat, hat and footwear suitable for walking on grass which may occasionally be wet. Ladies should wear trousers if they intend to have a trial lesson. Gliding is a safe sport but it does carry certain risks. We believe that this level of risk is acceptable and you will be asked to sign a disclaimer before flying. Approximately million glider flights take place in the UK each year.

You will be handling the flight controls during your lesson and consequently you will be classed as a member of the flight crew. Be aware that it is against the law to fly as a member of a flight crew in a glider with an alcohol concentration in your blood exceeding 20mg per 100ml (this is effectively a zero tolerance limit).